About Oasis Breads

Our Mission

We make high quality bakery products that satisfy your desire for healthy food and unbeatable flavor.  The hard working members of the Oasis Breads' team take pride in the quality of our great breads.

Our team members appreciate the opportunity to support their families while making what they love thanks to your continued support.
Craft Breads - Small Batches - Superior Flavor

Fresh & Local

We love our home town of San Diego, CA.  Our philosophy of "fresh & local" means more than just filling store aisles with tasty bread!

 We support local non-profits to provide for the hearts, minds, and bellies of our community. For decades we have been working with several local veteran and military organizations by donating our breads to hungry families. Our bread is never wasted; if we don't sell it...it goes to a deserving family right here in Southern California.

Oasis Breads is always looking for more ways to be of assistance to our community. Do you have a suggestion for our next bread donation? Click the button to recommend a non-profit or organization that should become one of our partners.

Thank You For Visiting Oasis Breads

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