Healthy, Handmade, Californian Bread

Seriously Good Since 1978

Seriously Good Bread...

We are a family owned and operated, fresh and local, craft-style bakery where bread making is still done by real bakers. At Oasis Breads we strive to create recipes and bake bread known for healthy nutritional profiles and superior flavor. All our products are clean label and or certified organic to fit your healthy lifestyle and have the homemade appearance and goodness you expect from a fresh and local bakery.       
We are proud to say we've been supporting local businesses and baking seriously healthy, seriously good bread for Southern California communities since 1978!

So Many Good Choices...

Did you know we bake over 200 unique bread and bakery products? Some of our most items to look for at your local grocery include our Whole Lotta Breads, Deli 1/2 Loaves,Sprouted Wheat Breads, and Sourdough Round Loaves. Click on any bread's photo below for descriptions and nutritional information on the full product line.

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