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Our organic, Non-GMO breads are available at grocery stores across southern California, including: Frazier Farms, Sprouts Farmers Market, Barons, Vons. Use our map below to find the nearest location to you!

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Trouble finding a location in your area? Submit the form below to let us know where you'd like to find Oasis Breads!

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Whole Lotta - Veggies
Whole Lotta - Seeds
Whole Lotta - Hemp
Whole Lotta - Grains
Sourdough - Original
Sourdough - Garlic
Sourdough - Rosemary
Sourdough - Cracked Wheat
Deli - Natural White
Deli - Rye
Deli - Sourdough
Deli - 100% Whole Wheat
Sprouted Wheat - Low Carb Flaxseed
Sprouted Wheat - Veggie Low Carb
Sprouted Wheat - Fruit Bars
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